Where do crested geckos live in the wild?

They live in dense jungle on an Island called New Caledonia, which is off the coast of Australia.

Do crested geckos require lighting

They do not require UVB. Although, it is best to provide them with a day and night cycle. Approximately 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light. Since they are nocturnal, if you keep the times consistent, you will notice they'll start waking up and coming out of their hiding spot around the time the lights go off. If you don't want to keep a light on all day and have the gecko in a room that isn't well lit, I recommend the Eco Terra Day/Night Reptile Terrarium LED Fixture. It should be available on amazon and chewy.

Do crested geckos require heating

They should be kept between 70℉ and 75℉. If the temperature of the place they are staying is within that range, then they do not need heating. Never let the enclosure temperature gecko above 82℉ or below 60℉. The enclosure can drop to 65℉ at night. If the enclosure needs heating to be in that range then get an overhead heat lamp. Heat mats and not recommend.

Can I house crested geckos together?

They usually do best when housed alone. They can be house together under a few circumstances:

  • Never house two males together.
  • Make sure they are similar in size to one another.
  • You shouldn't house a male and female together, if you don't want fertile eggs.
  • You shouldn't house a male and female together longterm.

Thing to be cautious about if you house them together:

  • Make sure they have adequate space and hiding places to get away from each other if they want.
  • Make sure they're not being bullied. i.e. check for bite marks or tail loss, listen for squeaks, check for weight loss, monitor behavior changes. (Note: when breeding, bite marks, squeaks, and behavior changes are normal. Tail loss can happen, but is less likely to compared to the others.)
  • Geckos (especially young ones) with a high live food drive are likely to assume an enclosure mate is food. They tend to not do well housed together.

What do crested geckos eat?

In captivity, they eat Repashy or Pangea; a powder mixed with water to make a ketchup-like consistency. They also eat mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, and other insects dusted with calcium.

Why do the prices of crested geckos vary so much?

The price varies due to multiple factors:

  • Age/Size
  • Sex
  • Color/Pattern/Morph/Traits/Structure
  • Lineage
  • Reputability/Notability of the breeder