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  • Hatchling Code

    Each hatchling we produce is given a code. 

    The code consists of:

    ~ First 1-3 letter(s) - the hatchling's mother's breeder code (breeder codes available on "breeder geckos" page)

    ~ Second 1-3 letter(s) (starting with the second capitalized letter) - the hatchling's father's breeder code

    ~ The first 1-2 digit(s) - the order that the hatchling that was produced by it's parents in that given year

    ~ The last 2 digits - the year the egg was laid 

    ~ A code with an * - we do not and never have owned the gecko of which the breeder code is followed by an * (produced from retained sperm or a collaboration with another breeder and their gecko)

    ~ A code with a ? - we aren't sure of the parents



    Mother: Dino

    Father: Rust Bucket

    3rd egg Dino and Rust Bucket produced in 2023


    Mother: Pixel

    Father: Frankie (we never owned Fankie; Pixel laid from retained sperm before we paired her with one of our own geckos)

    The first gecko from Pixel and Frankie in 2022